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In this green states reel mowers review, we will share the pros and cons of these reliable mowers. In addition, we will share the factors to consider to help you make an informed purchase.

Over the past 100+ years, Green States has been committed to providing gardeners with some of the best tools to keep their yards and lawns in good shape. Green State reel mowers are not only easy to use but also environmentally conscious to ensure that your yard stays healthy and the environment too. Ideal for small to medium-sized yards, these mowers work with different types of grass and on different terrains as well.

Crafted form high-quality materials, Green State reel mowers are highly durable and virtually maintenance-free. Along with being reasonably affordable, these mowers are designed to provide the easiest solution to keeping your lawn clean and tidy.

Whether you are buying a reel mower for the first time or just an upgrade, you can hardly go wrong with Green State reel mowers. Here are some of their best reel mowers worth the investment.

Green States Reel Mowers Review

1) Green States 415-16 Push Reel Mower

Green States 415-16 Push Reel Mower


Make your lawn maintenance simple using the Green States 415-16 Push Reel Mower. This push reel mower is ideal for small yards and lawns. This push reel mower helps maintain a healthy lawn by accurately cutting grass stems without shredding the grass.

The lightweight design makes it easy to operate and maneuver across tight spaces and uneven lawns. The T-style handle is cushioned to provide a comfortable, non-slip grip. Better yet, the durable 16” cutting width lets you quickly cut a large section of grass, saving you time and energy.

The adjustable cutting height lets you cut the grass to your desired height while the cutting blades are heat treated to retain their sharpness for long.

Besides that, this manual reel mower has a quiet operation with zero emissions of fumes. It is also resistant to various environmental factors to ensure longer service life.


  • Reasonably affordable.
  • Perfect for small yards.
  • Easy, tool-free assembly.
  • Lightweight and easy to push.
  • Rugged, all-terrain wheels.
  • Heat treated steel alloy blades.
  • Safe for the environment.
  • Cushioned T-handle that makes it easy to maneuver.
  • Adjustable cutting height.
  • Durable 16’ cutting deck.


  • Small handles

2) Green State 304-14 Push Reel Lawn Mower

Green State 304-14 Push Reel Lawn Mower


Green State 304-14 Push Reel Lawn Mower offers the cheapest solution to keeping your lawn beautiful and well-manicured. Available at a remarkably affordable price, this push-reel lawn mower is ideal for small-sized gardens and lawns.

For beginners, this reel lawn mower is lightweight and easy to use. It also features an easy, tool-free assemble and a cushioned T-handle for easy maneuverability. Made from the highest quality materials, this reel mower has a 14” cutting width and heat treated alloy steel blades that retain their sharpness for long.

The high-quality 5-ball bearing reel works on all types of grass, while the 8.5” composite wheels make tackling rough and uneven terrain easy. Other than that, this push reel lawn mower has a quiet operation that’s also free from gas emissions. It’s one of the safest lawn mower for households with young kids and pets.


  • Quiet operation and zero carbon emissions.
  • Economical to use and maintain.
  • Safe for households with pets and kids.
  • Durable design with long service life.
  • Easy to maneuver across different terrains.
  • Easy to use and easy to store.
  • Simple, tool-free assembly.
  • 14” cutting width.
  • 5-blade ball bearing reel suitable for all types of grass.
  • Comfortable, non-slip T-handle.


  • None

3) Great States 815-18 Push Reel Lawn Mower

Great States 815-18 Push Reel Lawn Mower


The Green States 815-18 Push Reel Lawn Mower proves you don’t have to spend all your savings to own a quality push reel lawn mower.


Ideal for small to mid-sized lawns, this reel mower is perfect for gardeners looking for a quiet and eco-friendly mower. For beginners, this reel mower features an easy, tool-free assembly and a lightweight design that’s easy to use.

The high-quality and durable cutting blades are heat treated to retain their sharpness for long and make mowing more efficient. More importantly, the grass-cutting height is adjustable into different positions from 0.5”-2.75”, while the 10” composite wheels make the mower easy to maneuver across different terrains.

You can also easily move the lawn mower because the handles have a secure and very comfortable grip. Along with having an unbreakable steel side plate, this reel mower allows you to trim the lawn quietly without bothering your neighbours


  • Unbreakable steel side plate.
  • Cushioned loop style handle.
  • Easily adjustable cutting height from 0.5”-2.75”
  • Easy, tool free assembly.
  • Long lifespan.
  • Low maintenance needed.
  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Easy to maneuver across bumpy and uneven terrain.
  • Precise cutting action.
  • Heat treated steel blades.
  • Clean and very quiet.


  • The design is not appealing

4) Green States 204-14 Hand Reel 14 Inch Push Lawn Mower

Green States 204-14 Hand Reel 14 Inch Push Lawn Mower


Make lawn maintenance easier and more efficient using the Green States 204-14 Hand Reel 14 Inch Push Lawn Mower. This reel lawn mower provides a great opportunity for you to get outside and enjoy some clean and fresh air while at the same time keeping your yard neat and clean.

This is the perfect lawn mower for eco-friendly small lawn owners. It allows you to trim your lawn’s grass without emitting harmful gases to the environment or causing unnecessary disturbance to your neighbors.

Besides that, it is lightweight and easy to use, especially for new users. The 14” cutting blades are made of heat-treated alloy steel that retains its sharpness for a long and works well with all types of grass.

Moreover, this mower has an adjustable cutting height that lets you trim your grass according to your preference. The rugged, all-terrain wheels can also move the mower across different terrains. With all these handy features plus the durable make, this product will serve you today, tomorrow and in years to come.


  • Heat treated blades retain their sharpness longer.
  • Rust proof handle.
  • Perfect for ecofriendly small lawn owners.
  • Lightweight and easy to operate.
  • Robust and durable construction.
  • 5” polymer wheels provide optimal maneuverability.
  • Adjustable cutting height.
  • Economical to use and maintain.
  • Safe for households with pets and kids.


  • Handles could be better


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How to Choose the Best Green States Reel Mower

Here are some of the important factors to consider when looking for the best Green States reel mowers.


Garden state reel mowers feature a different number of blades ranging between 4-5 blades. The more the blades, the better. Reel mowers with more blades provide a uniform cut on dense grass and are also suitable for trimming tall and tough grass. All Garden State reel mowers have their blades heat treated to retain their sharpness for long.

Cutting height

All Garden State reel mowers offer adjustable cutting height. This means you can easily adjust the cutting height to suit your preference. Consider the type of grass in your lawn and its optimal growing height, then adjust the cutting height to the right position.

Cutting width and grass type

Soft and easy to cut grass types are easier to cut with a wide reel mower. On the other hand, thick and tough-to-cut grasses are better mowed with narrow mower. Mowing the grass frequently makes it easier to use a reel mower in both cases.

The cutting width in any lawn mower refers to how wide a stripe the mower cuts. Standard width of reel mowers ranges from 14-20 inches. While the wider the cutting width means that you don’t have to mow as many passes, it makes pushing more challenging because the more the grass,  the more the resistance.

Wheel size

You’ll want to consider the size of reel mower wheels depending on the nature of your yard. Reel mowers with bigger wheels are best suited for rough and bumpy terrains. Rugged, all-terrain wheels make it easier for you to overcome different obstacles and also make it easier for you to overcome tight and sharp corners. Besides that, the wheels should have great traction to prevent slipping when mowing wet and slippery grass.

Additional features

A few additional features on the reel mower can make your mowing experience better and more fun. If you prefer to bag the grass clippings for easy disposal, get a mower with a grass catcher. Cushioned handles provide a comfortable, non-slip grip that reduces the risk of blisters. For added stability, look for a reel mower with sizeable front wheels and additional back rollers that help the user maneuver the mower easily in tight spaces and sharp corners.


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FAQs about Green States reel mowers

1) How often should I sharpen my reel mower?

While Green States lawn mower have their blades heat treated to retain their sharpness for long, it’s always a good idea to sharpen the blades after 20-25 hours of use.

2) How often should I mow the lawn?

You can mow it as often as possible to keep the grass short and simplify the other mowing session. This means mowing more than one time in a week during the peak season.

3) Is it hard to use a reel mower?

Manual reel mowers are easier to push and steer in short, thin grass. However, pushing one through tall, dense, rough grass takes more force.

Benefits of Green States Reel Mowers

  1. Adjustable cutting heights suitable for different gardener’s preferences.
  2. Economical to use and maintain.
  3. Largely affordable. While pricing vary based on the model, this reel mowers are easy on the wallet.
  4. Quiet in operation and eco-friendly.
  5. Lightweight and compact for easy handling and storage respectively.


When lawn mowing is done correctly and with the right tools, it promotes dense and uniform grass growth. For the ecofriendly small lawn owners looking for the best reel mower, Green States is a reputable brand known to produce high quality landscaping tools. All of their reel mowers listed above are premium quality and suitable for all mowing situations. Invest in any model above and transform your yard to whole new shape.


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