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Do you want to buy the best 6.5 Creedmoor reloading kit for the money? We have compiled a list of the top options to help you narrow your search.

6.5 Creedmoor is among the cartridges ideal for shooting medium-range targets and is most preferred for deer and antelope hunting. It has minimal wind deflection, low recoil, and a long barrel. The 6.5mm bullet is longer and faster.

Many hunters will want to reload their 6.5 Creedmoor. This is more affordable than using factory-made ammo and also gives you a better understanding and control of your rifle, choosing the most optimal ammo.

Choosing the best reloading for your 6.5 Creedmoor is not easy, especially if you are new to the reloading scene. This review gives you the best reloading kits today that are suitable for your 6.5 Creedmoor.

Importance of Reloading

Affordability- reloading your ammo is more beneficial than purchasing factory ammo as it allows you to save costs. The components you purchase can also be re-used for more money-saving.

Control- Reloading your ammo allows you to have total control over your reloading process and also familiarize with your rifle. You will be able to choose the components to use and also take responsibility for each step of manufacturing and quality control.

Independence- loading your ammo gives you a sense of self-sufficiency and security. When reloading your ammo, you can easily reuse certain essential components, increasing the life of ammo availability in the case of a shortage.

Accuracy- shooting sports require a great level of accuracy. When loading your own ammo, you will be able to pay more attention to every individual round compared to ammo companies. They are also able to test different types of ammo with a single rifle for the best accuracy.

Best 6.5 Creedmoor Reloading Kits

1) Hornady 3-in-1 Lock-N-Load Ammo Plant Reloading Press

Hornady 3-in-1 Lock-N-Load Ammo Plant Reloading Press



Hornady Lock-N-Load 3-in-1 Ammo Plant Reloading Press is made with precision to help you pump out cartridges quickly and easily. It features the Hornady Lock-N-Load AP Professional Grade, Auto Indexing, and 5-station Progressive Press that has the patented Lock-N-Load bushing system. It comes with a Lock-N-Load Case Feeder specially designed with the highest torque motor in the industry and an extra-large case bowl to hold over five hundred 223 Remington cases.

The Hornady reloading press allows quick and easy changeovers, with no special tools required for adjustments. It also has other features that make it more intuitive and better equipped for all your reloading needs. An easy-feed bullet hopper can hold up to 200 pistol bullets, while the adjustable center plate and bullet feed-wipers ensure smooth feeding.

This reloading press also includes accessories such as; Cartridge Bins x3, Case Activated Powder Drop, Case Feeder, Deluxe Die Wrench, Pistol Metering Insert and Rotor, Die Bushing 10 – pack, Large Primer Pickup Tubes x3, Pistol Bullet Feeder, Powder Cop, Rifle Metering Insert and Rotor, Small Primer Pickup Tubes x3, Press, Powder Measure, Primer Slide Spring x2 and Vintage Tin Sign.


  • Has an ingenious case retainer spring that allows you to quickly and easily remove or insert a case at any point in the loading process
  • The EZject feature delivers 100% reliable ejection of every cartridge, every time, without any adjustments
  • It has a Case Feeder to allow for the Lock-N-Load AP to load over 500 rounds of high quality ammunition per hour.
  • Easily changeable Lock-N-Load AP System from large to small primers
  • Lock-N-Load AP has a 5-station quick change bushing system to allow quick and easy change overs from 223 to 45 in less than 5 minutes
  • The Lock-N-Load powder measure uses quick change metering inserts that allow you to switch from one powder to another with the push of a button.
  • Case activated powder drop dispenses a powder charge only when a cartridge case is present


  • Hard to set up

2) RCBS Rc Supreme Master Kit 9354

RCBS 9354 RC Supreme Master Kit



The RCBS 9354 RC Supreme Master Kit is a benchmark of single-stage presses. The kit is highly ranked, especially due to its affordability, accuracy, and all the equipment that offers precision reloading. It has a universal case loading block, the accessory handle-2, and .17-.60 Debur Tool.

The Rock Chucker Supreme press is lengthened to allow easy loading of the modern longer cartridge designs. It features an ambidextrous handle, easy operation, outstanding strength, and versatility, making it ideal for both beginners and pros.


  • Easy to operate
  • It has a tip-proof metal pan to ensure easy loading
  • Universal Case Load Block
  • Hand priming tool reduces the risk of tray detonation
  • RCBS magnetic damping system- it is known for fast and accurate readings, and easy movement
  • Uniflow powder measure provides accuracy and precision
  • M500 mechanical scale can weigh up to 505 grains with +/-0.1-grain accuracy
  • Hex Key Set, Case Lube Kit, and Powder Funnel included
  • Includes nosler #7 reloading manual


  • Scale could be better

3) LEE PRECISION Anniversary Challenger Kit II

LEE PRECISION Anniversary Challenger Kit II



The LEE PRECISION Anniversary Challenger Kit II is one of the best ammo reloading kits on the market. The challenger kit II features a strong O-frame with more than the average opening of 30° to provide total hand clearance. It has compound leverage that allows full-length sizing on all magnum cases.

This Lee Precision press also has an inbuilt primer catcher that is easy to empty. It has the Lee Safety Scale, popularly known for its sensitivity, a power funnel to fill the case, and a chamfer tool.


  • Features a power funnel that helps to fill the case
  • Includes breech lock quick change bushing and a tube of premium sizing lube
  • Primer pocket cleaner, Cutter, and lock stud help in trimming cases
  • Complete powder-handling system with a precise powder measure
  • A chamfer tool chamfers the inside and outside of the case’s mouth
  • Includes Lee Safety Scale, which is very sensitive


  • Inaccurate scale

4) RCBS 9354 RC Supreme Master Kit

RCBS 9354 RC Supreme Master Kit



RCBS, a top-of-the-line ammunition press, makes the RCBS 9354 RC Supreme Master Kit. The reloading kit is affordable, accurate, and offers precision reloading. It also comes with a universal case loading block, an accessory handle-2, and .17-.60 Debur Tool.

The Supreme master press is lengthened to allow easy loading of the modern longer cartridge designs. It also features an easy operation, ambidextrous handle, outstanding strength, and versatility, making it ideal for both beginners and pros.


  • Hand priming tool reduces the risk of tray detonation
  • Tip-proof metal pan ensures easy loading
  • M500 mechanical scale can weigh up to 505 grains with +/-0.1-grain accuracy
  • Universal Case Load Block
  • Easy to operate
  • Includes nosler #7 reloading manual
  • Includes Hex key set, case lube kit and powder funnel
  • RCBS magnetic damping system- it is known for fast and accurate readings, and easy movement.
  • Has .17-.60 Debur Tool
  • Uniflow powder measure provides accuracy and precision
  • Ideal for both beginners and pros


  • Quality control issues

5) Hornady 4-Dies Reloading Sets

Hornady 4-Dies Reloading Sets



This Hornady 4-Dies Reloading Set has four reloading dies that are integral to your reloading process. The set of four reloading dies is for hand-loading ammunition for S&W .500 handguns, each built with articulated details to provide more precise reloading by offering easier adjustments, better alignment, and smoother functioning. Each has Hornady’s Zip Spindle design, a series of light threads cut on both the spindle and spindle collet, allowing you to make incremental adjustments by turning the spindle.

The reloading kit has Hornady Sure-Loc lock rings, which clamp around the entire die and apply constant pressure across the threads holding the ring in place. The dies have an integrated elliptical expander that eliminates the need for a separate expander die for necking up to the next caliber and a built-in crimper that allows crimping without an extra crimp die.


  • Optimized for Smith & Wesson .500 handgun ammunition
  • Seater adjustment screw easily adjusts for bullet seating depths
  • Precision machined, and polished Internal die profile has a smooth finish that delivers reliable functioning without case sticking or excessive friction
  • Guaranteed never to break or wear out from use
  • Locking retainer spring removes in seconds for easy disassembly and cleaning of the die.
  • In-line bullet seating system holds the bullet, the case neck, and the seating stem in perfect alignment in the sleeve BEFORE the bullet enters the neck of the case.
  • Zip Spindle™ design on all full-length size dies positively locks to eliminate slippage.
  • Superior to “ball expanders,” the integrated elliptical expander provides extremely smooth neck sizing and significantly reduces friction and case neck stretch
  • The kit comes in a convenient box that’s compartmentalized for dies, bushings, shell holders, and a taper crimp die


  • You need to buy the shell guide seperately

6) RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Master Reloading Kit, Green

RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Master Reloading Kit, Green



The RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Master Reloading Kit provides a simple reloading solution for the beginner and pros alike. The reloading kit is easily upgraded to progressive operation with the optional Piggyback 4. It includes the Universal Case Loading Block, .17-.60 Debur Tool and the Accessory Handle-2.

This kit also comes with a Reloading Scale, Uniflow Powder Measure, Hand Priming Tool, Hex Key Set, Case Lube Kit, Powder Funnel, and Reloading Manual.


  • Features an M500 Mechanical Scale
  • Uniflow Powder Measure provides accuracy and precision
  • Hand Priming Tool reduces the risk of tray detonation
  • Universal Case Load Block
  • Includes Hex Key Set, Case Lube Kit, and Powder Funnel
  • Comes with a Nosler #7 Reloading Manual


  • None

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best 6.5 Creedmoor Reloading Kit


When purchasing reloading equipment for your Creedmoor, choose those that are made with good quality materials to enjoy a long-lasting performance. Your reloading kit should be able to resist user error and bad materials pushed through it.


This is another important factor to consider before purchasing reloading equipment for your 6.5 Creedmoor. Always remember that reloading equipment with higher prices can be of better quality than the cheaper ones.

Ease of use

Different reloading kits would seem easy to use for different people. Reloading kits with most core accessories right out of the box are easier to use, as well as the ones that come with a user manual. The best reloading kits should be easy to operate and not require many tools to assemble.


Choose reloading equipment putting in mind the kind of reloading work you need to do. Most reloading presses are designed for mass production and mostly sacrifice quality for many rounds per cycle. They are ideal for use by professional shooters or hunters. However, if you are looking for a low output, a turret press could be the best choice as it is faster than the single-stage press and allows you to be more aware of certain details.


this is also another factor to consider when reloading your Creedmoor. Whether you are a beginner or well-experienced reloader, the kind of work you wish to do with the reloading equipment matters during purchase. The more experienced reloaders will most likely prefer an intricate and customizable press. At the same time, beginners will need something easy to use to familiarize themselves with reloading basics.


you do not want to buy any reloading equipment for each of your calibers. Always look for a reloading kit that can use most of the popular ammo in the market. To help you save money and space, a conversion kit can be used to enhance the compatibility of equipment in the case where it is low.


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FAQs on the Best 6.5 Creedmoor Reloading Kit

1) What are some reputable brands for 6.5 Creedmoor reloading kits?

Some reputable brands that produce high-quality reloading equipment include RCBS, Hornady, Lee Precision, and Lyman. These brands are well-regarded by the shooting community for their reliability and performance.

2) Is reloading 6.5 Creedmoor ammunition safe?

Reloading can be safe if done correctly. It’s essential to follow the load data from a reliable source, double-check measurements, and inspect cases for any signs of wear or damage.

3) Why would I want to reload my own 6.5 Creedmoor ammunition?

Reloading your own ammunition can be cost-effective in the long run as it is generally cheaper than buying new ammunition. It also allows you to customize loads for specific purposes such as hunting, target shooting, or competition.


6.5 Creedmoor is well known and preferred by most hunters. It provides quick, accurate shots and a long-lived performance. Choosing to reload your ammo is beneficial as it allows you to save money and gives you total control over the entire process.

The products discussed in this review are the best in the market and should be easy to access and use.


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